Are Texas accents becoming less…Texan?

Yes, dang it, Texas is losing its twang. A report from NBC Nightly News.



Is American English becoming more…English?


French in the US: patois or joual?

Juliana L’Heureux’s thoughts on the Franco-American dialect spoken by, most famously, 20th century American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac. Wikipedia entry on “New England French.”


Bilinguals and Accents

Most bilinguals have an accent in one of their languages, says Francois Grosjean, PhD.


One person, two accents?

Dialect Blog considers an unusual case.


Google Wants to Protect 3,000 Endangered Languages

While there are around 6,000 or 7,000 languages spoken around the world today, scholars estimate that fifty percent of those languages will not survive the turn of the century.


Five Great British Actors Who’ve Nailed An American Accent

An article and some examples from the BBC. Should the BBC be the judge?

Children of immigrants learn accents from peers, not parents

People’s accents almost always resemble the accents of their childhood peers, not their parents says psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker.

The Philadelphia Iggles and the Wall Women Bridge

Jim Quinn’s guide to Philadelphia English

St Andrews scientists ask if whales have ‘dialects’

Members of the public are being asked by scientists at the University of St Andrews to help them investigate the way whales communicate.